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My Bible Story Coloring Book

The Books of the Bible   --   more than 30 stories from the NIrV Bible   --   for young children just beginning their journey through the Bible

$8.99 | $6.40
Complete Illustrated Children's Bible Dictionary
Harvest Kids

From A-to-Z, this super-helpful dictionary is packed with hundreds of definitions for the confusing words you run into when you're reading God's Word.  It also has a ton of cool, colorful...

$16.99 | $12.10
You're a Brave Man, Daniel !
Kay Arthur & Janna Arndt

Daniel 1-6   --   Discover 4 Yourself, Inductive Bible Studies   --   Max, Molly, and Sam are zooming in on the life of Daniel as they create a television...

$11.99 | $9.75
Joseph - God's Superhero
Kay Arthur & Janna Arndt

Genesis 37-50   --   Discover 4 Yourself, Inductive Bible Studies   --   Amazing Comics is developing a new comic book on the life of Joseph -- one of God's...

$11.99 | $8.55
God has Big Plans for You, Esther
Kay Arthur & Janna Arndt

Discover 4 Yourself, Inductive Bible Studies   --   Max, Molly, and the great face-licking beagle Sam are going to Washington, D.C. -- and they want you to come!  You'll...

$11.99 | $8.55
Fast-Forward to the Future
Kay Arthur & Janna Arndt

Daniel 7-12   --   Discover 4 Yourself, Inductive Bible Studies   --   Join Max, Molly, and the great face-licking beagle Sam to create an exciting TV show...

$11.99 | $8.55
Noah's Ark
Michelle Knudsen

board book   --   over 30 flaps to lift   

$6.99 | $5.00
My Lift-the-Flap Bible Stories
Michael Berghof

board book   --   thirteen best-loved stories from the Old and New Testaments   --   more than 30 fun flaps to open

$9.99 | $7.10
ABC Bible Verses for Little Ones
Rebecca Lutzer

alphabet with verses

$14.99 | $10.65
Bible Children Activity Fun
Candle Books

all activities based on Bible children   --   Spot the Difference, Mazes, Dot to Dot, Odd One Out, Spot the Crazy Mistakes, Pictures to Complete With Felt-Tips or Crayons

$4.99 | $4.05
Inside Noah's Ark 4 Kids
Becki Dudley

board book   --   Can you imagine how a day might be in an ark full of animals riding on the sea?  Inside of Noah's ark -- there was a lot to do . . . explore the ark...

$12.99 | $9.25
One Blood for Kids
Ken Ham

What the Bible Says About Race   --   Go to the heart of this cultural issue!  Racism cannot be solved by laws, educational programs, or secular science.  It is a sin...

$16.99 | $12.10
Nelson's Student Bible Dictionary
Ronald F. Youngblood, F. F. Bruce, R. K. Harrison

A Complete Guide to Undersanding the World of the Bible   --   can be used with the NKJV, NCV, KJV, NIV, NRSV, and other popular translations   --   ...

$6.97 | $5.00