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Gospel of John - TwentyFirst Century Biblical Commentary Series

Elmer Towns
Gospel of John - Believe and Live - TwentyFirst Century Biblical Commentary Seri
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The message of the New Testament represents the timeless truth of God.  As each generation seeks to apply that truth to its specific context it becomes necessary for an up-to-date commentary to be created just for them . . . This team of scholars represents conservative, evangelical, and dispensational scholarship at its best . . . They also hold to a pretribulational and premillennial understanding of biblical prophecy . . .The Gospel of John will guide you into a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ   Elmer Towns places a particular emphasis on the two key words in the book: 'believe' and 'live.'  What do you believe about Jesus Christ?  And how has it impacted your life today?

Study questions at the end of each chapter.