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J. C. Ryle
Daily Readings
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Complied by Robert Sheehan, this devotional will be an encouragment and edifying to all who make use of the rich commentary and thoughts on the Gospels.

J.C. Ryle produced his Expository Thoughts on the four Gospels. In forming his commentaries into daily readings there has been considerable editing by the complier but in so doing with the aim to bring a large proportion of the treasure from Ryle's abundant store.

These readings are presented in a chronological order. Where several of the Gospels mention the same incident the longest record is chosen as the reading for the day and the parallel passags are listed in brackets or the Gospel Ryle bases his main comments is chosen. On each day there are two of the things which are not extracted from Bishop Ryle's writings. They are the additonal reading, which has been chosen because it emphasizes one of the themes in Ryle's exposition, and the closing meditation, which seeks to focus attention on one particular point for further thought.