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God's Will, Man's Will and Free Will

Horatius Bonar, Jonathan Edwards, Jay P. Green Sr, Charles H. Spurgeon
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Sovereign Grace Publishers

Is it possible for a creature to have a free will and to continually exercise that will in complete conformity to the will of God? Yes!

Are the creatures who thus conform their wills continually to the will of God in servitude?  Are they slaves?  Yes!

If God plans, fore-determines and predestinates each and every deed of a man's life, powerfully controlling all circumstances, all persons, even all forces of whatever variety and magnitude that affects his life, can that one be free ?  Yes!

In this little paperback book, the large subject of God's Will, Man's Will and Free Will is keenly examined by five different authors who make use of the Holy Scriptures to answer the multitude of questions and of objectons to what is written.