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Gil Rugh
Election - Whose Choice?
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Indian Hills Community Church
   Theologians have long debated the concept of God's sovereignty as it relates to the salvation of man.  Did God choose us for salvation, or did we choose Him? Great men of God have stood on both sides of the debate.
   Many believers stand back in awe, supposing that since great scholars cannot agree on these issues, how can they ever hope to understand them?  Others boldly take sides,assuming they clearly understand the problem, only to be considered naive by those who think of themselves as more scholarly.
   On one hand, God has told us much that we can understand about this fascinating area of study.  At least two things are clear as we explore the doctrine of election.  The first is that God is totally sovereign in the affairs of our lives.  The second is that God holds man responsible for his decision.  How to resolve these complementary concepts is the basis of the debates on divine election.