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Gil Rugh
Evangelism - Treading the Roman Road
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Indian Hills Community Church

There are many different types of Gospel presentations, but in any presentation there are four things that must be included. To be saved, a person must know and believe these four basic facts.

The presentation in this booklet is called "The Roman Road" because all the verses used in the presentation are from the Book of Romans. These are not the only verses you can use, of course, but it can be helpful to keep them all in one section of the Bible. Remember, the goal in presenting the Gospel is not to impress people with what a great Bible scholar you are or to "Wow" them with all the verses you have memorized. It is to help them understand clearly what God says about their condition and His salvation.

  • Man is a sinner: Romans 3:10; 3:23
  • The penalty for sin is death: Romans 5:12; 6:23
  • Christ came and paid the penalty for sin: Romans 5:8
  • It is by believing in Christ that we experience His forgiveness: Romans 10:9, 10