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Ariel's Bible Commentary - The Book of Daniel

Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
Ariel's Bible Commentary - The Book of Daniel
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Drawing on his expertise in Hebrew language and culture as well as his knowledge of historical and prophetic interpretation;, Dr. Fruchtenbaum offers a fresh and coherent understanding of the book of Daniel.  He examines the historical and cultural context of the book, its literary structure, and its theological themes.  Dr. Fruchtenbaum also provides a detailed exposition of the prophecies in the book of Daniel.  He explains how these prophecies relate to the history of Israel, especially in the context of the times of the Gentiles.  He addresses alleged historical inaccuracies, considers the rabbinic interpretation as well as apocryphal additions, and offers a unique and convincing interpretation of Daniel's seventy sevens... Replete with charts, tables, and maps, it provides a clear and coherent exposition of the book of Daniel from a Messianic Jewish perspective.