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Is Jesus the Only Way?
Philip Graham Ryken

Within these pages, the four essential Christian beliefs that pluralists find most troublesome are explained in clear, everyday terms. Ryken argues not only that Jesus is the only way, but also...

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The Doctrine of the Christian Life - A Theology of Lordship
John M. Frame

"This book is a landmark in its field because of its soundness and thoroughness.  It is noteworthy for its careful attention to the biblical basis for ethical instruction, its use of the...

$45.99 | $32.70
The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God - A Theology of Lordship
John M. Frame

"Breaks ground in stimulating and profound ways in theological methodology and apologetics, as well as in the central theological issues on the knowledge of God." -- Vern S. Poythress


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Answers to Common Questions About God
H. Wayne House, Timothy J. Demy

The Answers to Common Questions series provides brief summaries of important questions related to the Bible and Bible study.  Questions are organized by major topics for quick reference....

$13.99 | $9.95
Answers to Common Questions About the Bible
H. Wayne House, Timothy J. Demy

THe Answers to Common Questions series provides brief summaries of important questions related to the Bible and Bible study.  Questons are organized by major topics for quick reference....

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Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage - A Christian Theology of Roots and Renewal
Marvin R. Wilson

"A rare literary gem . . . Marvin Wilson's mastery of both Christian and Judaic texts, theologies, and traditions is nothing short of staggering.  Equally, however, this book is easily...

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The Scripture Cannot Be Broken
John MacArthur, ed.

Twentieth Century Writings on the Doctrine of Inerrancy

The Scripture Cannot Be Broken stands as a clarion call to all who love the Bible and want to see Christ's church thrive in...

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Israel's Only Hope: The New Covenant
John B. Metzger

In this thoroughly researched study, [the author] will cover the following:   What the New Covennt is, and what it is not, as developed by the Prophets   -- ...

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Paul and the Law - Keeping the Commandments of God
Brian S. Rosner

Understanding 'Paul and the law' is critical to the study of the New Testament, because it touches on the perennial question of the relationship between God's grace in the gift of salvation and...

$25.00 | $17.75
The Inerrant Word
John MacArthur, ed.

Biblical, Historical, Theological, and Patoral Perspectives   --   Edited by pastor John MacArthur, these commissioned essays by a host of evangelical pastors, theologians,...

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A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament
Roy B. Zuck, ed.

Scholars from Dallas Theological Seminary combine to create this important volume edited by Roy B. Zuck.  Each contributor looks at divine revelation as it appears chronologically in the...

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Everlasting Dominion
Eugene H. Merrill

Everlasting Dominion is the magnum opus of the greatly esteemed Dr.  Eugene H. Merrill, an exceptionally researched theology of the Old Testament based ond ecades of study and...

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Continuity and Discontinuity
John S. Feinberg, ed.

Perspectives on the Relationship Between the Old and New Testaments   --   Evangelicals agree that the Bible is God's inerrant word.  But we sometimes differ on how to...

$35.00 | $24.85
Good News About Satan
Bob Bevington

A Gospel Look at Spiritual Warfare   --   The world...the flesh...the devil and his demons.  How do they work together against us?  Christ has equipped us to fight...

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He Will Reign Forever
Michael J. Vlach

A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God   --   [E]xplaining key Bible passages concerning the timing and nature of God's kingdom.  This includes an explanation of texts from...

$39.95 | $28.40
Amillennialism and the Age to Come
Matt Waymeyer

A Premillennial Critique of the Two-Age Model   --   "This book offers the most thorough and penetrating analysis of amillennialism to date.  I highly recommend it."  --...

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Salvation Applied by the Spirit
Robert A> Peterson

Union With Christ   --   Evangelicals are rightly fascinated by this previously neglected doctrine -- a doctrine with wide-ranging implications for the whole of Christian theology and...

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Biblical Doctrine
John MacArthur, Richard Mayhue, ed.

A Systematic Summary of Bible Truth   --   "For decades John MacArthur has exemplified expository preaching, putting on full display the Word of God for the people of God.  Now...

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None Other
John MacArthur

Discovering the God of the Bible   --   Register this book and receive the ebook for free.   --   The Bible's teaching on God's love, holiness, and sovereignty is often met...

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The Parables of Jesus
J. Dwight Pentecost

Lessons in Life From the Master Teacher   --   In order to properly interpret the parables, the author describes the context in which each parable was spoken and the background against...

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